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Phantom Plate Carrier Maximize

Phantom Plate Carrier

Phantom Plate Carrier


Plate Carrier Will ONLY Hold 8x10 or Small SAPI Plates. Choose when ordering.

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Armor Plates Sold Seperately. Plate Carrier Will ONLY Hold 8x10 or Small SAPI Plates. Choose when ordering.

Introducing The Maxx-Dri Phantom

Ultra-Light Plate Carrier

221B Tactical's Founder and CEO Suresh Madhavan, a 13 year veteran Police Officer and Inventor of The Maxx-Dri Vest for body armor ventilation (used by tens of thousands of Police Officers, Police Agencies and Military Operatives around the world) recognized the concerns of those who wore plate carriers and set out to take care of the main issues with traditional plate carriers: weight, breathability, inability to get it on and off FAST, lack of adjustability and constricted movement.  


The world we live in is changing by the day!  Protecting yourself from threats so you can effectively defend yourself, your family and your freedom should ALWAYS be your TOP priority.  Body armor can give you the protection, confidence and ability to GET in the fight and STAY in the fight!

Millions have utilized plate carriers over the years to help protect themselves against high velocity ammunition.  However this came at a steep price AND cost! High priced plate carriers and armor plates on the market essentially "priced" many right out of the game.  Additionally, these plate carriers are heavy, bulky, stiff and NOT BREATHABLE! 

Not only were you adding additional weight to your were suffocating your body at the same time. This led to increased core body temperature, excessive perspiration AND faster fatigue rates!

So.... in an effort to protect yourself from ammunition, you were harming yourself from a heat and fatigue standpoint. Does that make sense?? The Maxx-Dri Phantom Plate Carrier was specifically designed to solve ALL of these concerns....keeping the wearer more agile, less fatigued and ultimately SAFER! With it's ultra light-weight construction and design, quick attach and detach system, FAST Infinity adjustment system and anti-gravity weight management technology, The Phantom plate carrier will be the LIGHTEST and MOST COMFORTABLE plate carrier ever. It will also be the FIRST and only 100% breathable plate carrier. 

The next generation of PROTECTION has arrived! The Maxx-Dri "Phantom" Plate Carrier is what you need to STAY in the fight and WIN the fight!


  • Maxx-Dri Technology offers 100% breathability compared to traditional PCs
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Ultra Fast Donning and Doffing
  • Ideal for donning over a Police Uniform
  • Lightning Fast Infinity Adjustment System for a truly Custom Fit
  • Anti-Gravity weight management technology
  • Heavy Duty Mil-spec construction
  • Heavy Duty Genuine YKK buckles and straps
  • Molle and Velcro Molle front and rear
  • Front Velcro for ID patches
  • Heavy Duty Rear Drag/Rescue Handle
  • Available with rifle and pistol mag pouches and pistol holster (chest)




One Size Fits All.

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